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Providing…Personalized Technology — Independence — Peace of Mind

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Stay in your own home with improved safety & peace of mind!

Independent living is a dream shared by many of us. Don’t we all want that for ourselves and our loved ones as they age?

Through an innovative, completely unobtrusive whole-home monitoring and communication system, aging in place is more attainable and affordable than ever!

GrandCare of Oklahoma is dedicated to helping families, professional caregivers and aging seniors reach the next level of closeness, communication and peace of mind.

GrandCare of Oklahoma offer the most feature packed wellness and communication system on the market today.  GrandCare is a fully customizable and moderately prices touchscreen system.  It is professionally installed with little or no new wires.  There is no need for technical or computer expertise to use GrandCare.

  • Low cost option for independent living
  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • Customized to fit any individual’s needs
  • No technical expertise required

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Stay independent….stay safe….stay connected with GrandCare. 
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