Benefits for the Entire Family and for Caregivers:

peace of mind for woman with aging parents who can now age in placeYour aging or disabled family member has a strong desire to maintain independence in their own home. Happily, with GrandCare of Oklahoma, that is now a realistic, affordable option.

With simple new home technology you gain peace of mind, a deeper connection with your loved-one and even gain a 90-day return on investment when compared to common alternatives such as assisted living. All with little to no change in your loved-one’s current daily routine!

Benefits to the entire family include:

  • Saving money by avoiding or delaying the need for more supervised care.
  • Keeping your family connected with pictures, messages, video conferencing, emails and more.
  • Assisting you in making informed decisions on level of care with better assessment information.
  • Saving money by using services only when you really need them.
  • Protecting loved ones from telephone scams.
  • Reducing stress by knowing that your loved one is safe and secure.
  • Providing endless entertainment for your family member.

The GrandCare system is a touchscreen system placed in a loved one’s home.  The system provides access to news, weather, pictures, email, reminders and more with the touch of a finger.  They can also play games, search the internet, listen to music and enjoy other interactive activities to improve their memory.

Meanwhile, a wide range of wireless sensors detect activities of daily living and health.  Families can go online and assess the wellness and safety of their loved one.  The system can be instructed to call, send an email or send a text message to a family member or caregiver if something is amiss.

GrandCare of Oklahoma can provide…

  • Increased peace of mind for your loved-one and yourself
  • Discreet monitoring of household activity through tiny, wireless sensors
  • Flexible systems to meet your family’s unique needs
  • User-friendly online reporting and communication for family members
  • Improve cognition and memory with interactive games and trivia
  • Remind loved-one of important events like birthdays, appointments and when to take meds
  • Improve loved-one’s health through better management of chronic conditions
  • Amazingly cost-effective way to age responsibly and with dignity

Wondering how our powerful home systems can benefit you and your family?

Learn how the home system worked for Carol and her mom, Jean!

Or contact us at 405-341-7017anytime for more information. We’ll gladly discuss your unique circumstances and provide simple solutions to fit your needs.

Professionally installed..customized to fit any individual’s technical expertise required

Want to learn more?  Call Rick Guy of GrandCare of Oklahoma, (405) 341-7017 for a FREE consultation.


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